How to lose belly fat in Nigeria


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Posted by Felix on Monday July 11, 2011 10:6:29:

In Nigeria, belly fat is a common problem for people especially among women and then men who love drinking beer.
How do you keep your belly smooth and flat even if you are a hard working housewife, professional or even a busy trader? Belly fat is not exactly a sign of affluence as some people may believe but it should be seen as a sign of bad dieting and ill health. Do you know that the amount of fat in your belly can determine your average lifespan. Scientifically, it has been proven that people with flat tummies tend to live healthier lives, have better fertility and even live longer and happier. Belly fat can weigh you down in a lot of ways and can even contribute to your being lazy.
How do you reduce the fat in your belly and make you look younger and sexier? Well there are several ways to do this and the bottomline is that you really need to get yourself involved in a flat tummy programme in order to achieve results.

Why do Nigerians have flat/pot bellies?
In Nigeria and most parts of West Africa, a lot of the fat we get around our belly areas come from the kind of foods that we eat. For professionals who hardly have time to cook, the major culprit is always fast food such as snacks. Snacks are not meant to replace real food! For those who love to cook at home and have the time to do so, it seems the major culprit is the soup we eat and well as high calorie foods such as garri/eba/fufu and yam. Cassava and palm oil foods are a major source of foods that people eat in Nigeria and if you really want to start working on your tummy, you need to start working on what goes into it.

How to really work to reduce fat in your belly
- Get a notebook or diary and measure your current weight on a scale before you start
- Try to reduce by 50% your daily calorie intake from foods such as garri and fufu
- Try to reduce your daily snack intake by about 50% and avoid soft drinks or alcohol or at least reduce it
- Do belly exercises to work on your tummy. See the link below for video tutorials
- Record your weight every week to see any improvements

If you have a credit card from a Nigerian bank(whether naira or dollar), you may buy Flat belly DVDs from for a live demonstration of exercises you can be doing to work on your tummy. They should ship it to you within 2 weeks to Nigeria

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