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Posted by Ekene Liz on Saturday July 2, 2011 22:14:18:

The nation called Nigeria is a developing country that currently has the 4th fastest growing economy in the world according to the UK govt and 3rd fastest according to the International Monetary Fund. This should not be taken lightly for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for a way to diversify funds or setting up growing businesses.
Whereas many economies of developed nations are suffering and slowing down as a result of the global recession, a country like Nigeria a actually has a strong sutainable growth that is likely to last for the long term.
What is motivating this growth? Perhaps it has to do with capitalism, stable democracy and the fact that she is blessed with the largest and most intelligent human resource in Africa. Nigeria is a leader in West Africa and has the largest market in Africa. Nigeria also has crude oil which has over recent years has been well managed to help sustain economic growth. So while people are getting laid off or investors cutting their losses abroad, the economy in Nigeria seems to be working in favour of small businesses and retail stores in the country. The country also has the highest number of mobile phone users in Africa towering at over 80 million and this has equally put the nation as having the highest number of internet users in Africa. There is a lot to be tapped from Nigeria, a lot to be gained and it is not just oil. Like China and India,, Nigeria is emerging to be a global player ans has the highest number of black people in the world.
What businesses could one do in Nigeria? Well there is a lot of businesses big time investors are putting their money in like Telecommunications. Companies like MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, Glo, Starcomms, Reltel, Visafone are all in Nigeria working to serve the ever increasing population and phone users. These companies hardly ever fail to make yearly profits and not just in millions of dollars.
Other areas where big companies seem to be investing is Cable tv and large retail store.
Small and start up businesses are not equally left out as mobile phone repair shops are opening shops and making hundreds of dollars daily from just repairing or flashing phones. The Chinese are also seeing the Computer and electronics market in Nigeria as a big plus for their products as these products sell like hotcake.
Other businesses you can do in Nigeria in small scale include:
- Eateries
- Fish farming
- Solar energy installation
- Web development services
- Internet advertising
- Phone cards and call services
- Internet cafes
- Wifi hotspots
- Bottled water production

There is a lot to do in Nigeria and a lot of untapped business ideas as people's wants is mostly unlimited with money being readily available for spending. The world may be in recession but Nigeria is still growing stronger economically.

Re: What business can you do in Nigeria Posted by taiwo adeola on Thursday January 12, 2012 at 24:21:28:

I really want to know much about phone cards distributor ship,cos I want to know the kind of businnezz I can do in Nigeria

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