Things you can do with a mail forwarding service


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday August 26, 2016 at 14:58:3:

A mail forwarding service is a service that allows you to receive packages or mail in a country or place where you are not resident and then helps in sending it to your specified address. It provides a mailing address for you with which you cash receive products, mails and documents. If for instance, you reside in a country where a website or service provider does not ship their products to, you can create a Mail forwarding service with a company in that country; the duty of the mail forwarding company is to receive mails and items on your behalf and ship it out to your country at a cheaper cost, depending on the weight of the item they are shipping out.

There are many mail forwarding companies you can choose from, but which ever one you choose to use their services, make sure they ship out to your country before you register with them
Some things you can do with a mail forwarding service include:

- Receive your Mail and Items From Ecommerce Shops: As I mentioned above, if you are residing in a country where an eCommerce shipping service does not cover, you can use the services of a mail forwarding company to create a virtual address where the item will be shipped to, while the company sends it down to your country.

- Receive Cheques and Other Paper Payments: Some international freelance companies or sites such as Kindle pay their workers through cheques; and it takes a very long time for the cheque to get to you especially if you are in another continent; usually 21 days. You can shorten the whole process by using the services of a mail forwarding company in that country to receive the cheque within 5 working days, while they ship it down to your country faster.

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