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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 12:16:25:

The idea behind online shopping stores is to create an avenue where people can do their shopping with little or no stress; so instead of the conventional method of going from one store to another to pick up products, shoppers can now order for products online and receive at home. Apart from that, online shoppers get to save money while doing their shopping then offline shoppers; letís look at how online shoppers get to save money while shopping online;

1. No Transport Fare: for offline shopping, you will need to transport yourself to and from the market where you need to do the shopping, and that costs some Fare; unless on rare occasions where you live near the market; but for online shoppers, they donít pay any transport fare while doing their shopping; because they start in the comfort of their homes and order for the items which is delivered to them. you are making bulk purchases, you will have to pay more for transport fare to get the products to your destination.

2. Comparing Price: it is very stressful to visit various stores offline just to compare prices; but for online shopping, you can easily compare prices of the same item from other sites with just a click of button and option to purchase from any store that sale at a cheaper price.

3. Discount: online shoppers have access to discounts from various online stores, especially during holiday periods; the discounts are given to encourage them purchase more at cheaper rate saving them some extra money.

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