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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 12:15:43:

One good thing about online shopping is that we can now stay in the comfort of our homes and order for items, make payments for them and it will be delivered to us without stress; the best thing about online shopping is that most Online stores gives you the option to make payment after the items have been delivered to you. The payment on Delivery method was introduced in Nigeria to get the confidence of Nigerians who are scarred of making payments for products they are yet to see and touch.

Why The Payment On Delivery is Best For Online Shoppers:

1. Check The Product: Payment on delivery gives you the opportunity to check on products delivered to you, to ensure that they align with the order you place. It also gives you a choice to check for the quality of products before you make payments.

2. High Product Quality: since online stores that offer the Payment on Delivery method know that customers are bound to check the product quality delivered to ensure that they are of high standard; they (the store owners) will ensure that they deliver only high quality products to prevent a situation where the buyer will reject the product due to its inferior quality.

3. Avoid Scam: there are many online stores set up by fraudulent people to dupe innocent people of their hard earned money; a good way to prevent scam is to insist on payment on delivery from the online store; to ensure that they donít make away with your money.

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