Why some US websites don't deliver outside the USA


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:2:35:

The fun in online shopping is that you stay in your bedroom and place an order for an
Item from a website, pay for it with your credit card and the item gets shipped to you; but when the site you are buying the item from does not ship to your location, it can be a depressing situation. US shopping websites donít deliver outside the USA, and this is one major reason people residing outside the USA avoid shopping on USA sites even though the have super quality products at very cheap prizes.

In this article, I will look into some few reasons why Most U.S shopping sites donít ship outside the USA.

- Increased shipping Cost: For shopping website owners, it is usually much cheaper and less expensive to ship products within the country; Most USA sites do not ship out the USA because it is an extra cost to find a shipping company to partner with, prepare the paper works involved in international shipping. Also shipping outside the U.S attracts an export tax which most e-commerce site Owners are not willing to pay especially if they are not so big.

- Fraud and lack of adequate seller protection: It is more difficult to track and deal with fraud issues when is has to do with more than one countries. That is why USA shopping sites limit their shipping to within USA so that they can easily deal with fraud issues.

The best way to deal with the shipping issue if you are residing outside the U.S is to get a mailing address with a company in the USA that will collect your items on your behalf and ship it to your country.

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