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Posted by Chidinma on Monday October 6, 2014 at 10:0:47:

Dealdey.com is a popular shopping site that sells Apparels, electronic accessories, food voucher, lodging tickets, computer and mobile phone accessories, professional course registration and many more. The website has a very simple interface that even a newbie online can find his or her way around the site and order for what ever he wants. Before you can order from Dealdey, you have to visit their website at www.dealdey.com and signup for an account with them. For this article, I will mention reasons why it pays to shop online at dealdey.

- Good Quality Products: Products sold on Dealdey are of very good quality and they come at very affordable prizes making it a good choice for people who wish to buy good quality items without spending extravagantly on it.

- Nationwide Delivery: One other good reason why it pays to shop from Dealdey is that they deliver most of their products nationwide, except for some services that are only limited to Lagos state; so anywhere you are in Nigeria, you can order for items from Dealdey and have it delivered to you.

- Pickup option: Customers can decide to do a pickup themselves after their order rather than wait for a delivery. This allows buyers to pick items at their own convenience and also avoid paying delivery fees.

- Cheap Prize Of Products: This is the biggest advantage you gain from ordering from Dealdey site, they slash their prizes and offer discount of up to 99%. Every product on Dealdey is on a discount prize, that is some percent lower than what is obtainable from other sites.

Finally, even if you are not buying anything from Dealdey, you can still benefit from the site as an affiliate as the site pay you N2,000 for every customer that makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

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