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Posted by Chidinma on Monday October 6, 2014 at 9:50:23:

A Supermarket is a store that offers a wide variety of household and consumable products. Items are usually organised in categories of products such as the following; food items both perishable and non perishable, electronic gadgets, kitchen equipment, clothing and other accessories.

An online supermarket is a website that offers the same category of products as an offline supermarket the only difference between the two is that for an online supermarket, the products are displayed on the website for buyers to pick from and make payment after which the products will be delivered to the buyer physically.

There are many online supermarkets operating in Nigeria today, but the most popular ones are; Jaramall, Gloo, and Supermart. I will give a brief overview in this article of how a buyer can order for products from an online supermarket;

Things You Need To Order From An Online Supermarket:
- Internet connection
- Money
- Delivery address
- Phone
- Shopping list

You will need a shopping list of items you wish to purchase from the website; a good device with internet access, a credit card for making payments and a shipping address where the items will be sent to.

With the listed items in place, visit any of the online supermarkets mentioned above and create an account with them; after which you log into your account and search for items that you need from the products on display on the online supermarket , when you are done selecting the items you need click on the Checkout or Buy Now button.

You will be taken to a payment page where you will enter your credit card details for the payment; click on the continue button to go to the shipping page, enter our shipping address where the items you ordered for will be sent to.

Most online supermarkets in Nigeria make their delivery within 24 hours.

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