10 regular things Nigerians buy from the supermarket


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Posted by James on Wednesday August 19, 2015 at 12:25:55:

The supermarket is normally a preferred shopping destination for people living in a close neighbourhood since it's one of the closest retail stores. At the Supermarket, there is a broad selection of goods at relatively low prices and under a single roof. This wide variety of products are usually organized into aisles. These products range from food to non-food items.

The kind of items people go for in a supermarket will depend on their location and prevailing conditions around. For a place like Nigeria the following are the regular things people buy:

Clothes: This is also an important section, where different designs of clothes are displayed. You can' miss this.

Shoes/footwear: Not left out is the shoe section. For some supermarkets this section could be merged with that of the cloths.

Food stuff: This is like the number thing that takes Nigerians to the supermarket. Nobody can survive without food.

Dairy products/staple foods: Some people are accustomed to early morning eat-ups and usually go to supermarkets to buy those staple foods like milk and so on, usually in bulk.

Books: A department is dedicated to this. Parents could walk up here and get text books for their kids and story books too.

Drinks: A supermarket is where. Lot of Nigerians like to get their drinks, whether in bulk or not.

Jewelry: This goes especially for the ladies, where they have to look good.

Pet supplies: Some Nigerians usually keep dogs for a pet, and as such need to buy their kind of food on the regular basis.

Toiletries: Nigerians buy from supermarkets products like soap, cosmetic and the rest.

Stationery: The supermarket is also a place Nigerians go for stationery like cards etc.

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