Why Christmas period is the best time for shopping


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday January 19, 2015 at 16:0:0:

Christmas is that time of the year when Christians around the world remember the birth of Jesus Christ into this world; it is a holiday season into the New Year celebration. Most people prefer to do their holiday shopping during Christmas; in fact statistics show that people around the world spend over 5 billions dollars for online shopping during Christmas period. Why then is the Christmas period the best time for shopping?

The reasons include:
1. To take advantage of Christmas Discounts: In order to encourage more buyers to buy more, most sellers offer major holiday discounts for buyers; this is especially true for e-commerce sites; for instance, I ordered for an Ipod from Amazon shopping site this Christmas on a 45% percent discount from the normal price. So shopping during the Christmas period will enable you take advantage of these discounts to buy wherever you need at discount prices.

2. To gain shopping Bonuses: Another reason to shop during the Christmas period is that it gives you an opportunity to earn shopping bonuses. Some merchants offer Christmas bonuses to their buyers who patronize them during the period. If you happen to get some of that benefit, you maybe able to buy more stuff or keep the gifts that you receive.

3. To buy New products: You will get newer stocks of products during the Christmas celebration period as many shop owners would have made new orders from manufacturers and products in readiness for the Christmas shopping.

4. To take advantage of lower prices: During Christmas shopping, many merchants tend to offer most of their items at reduced prices and these prices are normally lower than usual and it helps to save you money.

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