Why shopping on Jumia saves you money


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Posted by James on Saturday January 17, 2015 at 11:49:51:

Why Shopping on Jumia Saves You Money

Jumia is one of the shopping websites in Nigeria known for selling a wide variety of items and products ranging from fashion, electronics, and kids stuff to home appliance and lots more. This is one online shopping website that has to a great extent mimicked Amazon's success in their service delivery and has over the years had their warehouses in about eight African Countries. As online shopping is getting stronger and stronger each and every day with a lot of Nigerians now coming to acknowledge the many benefits it offers, Jumia is known to be one of the best online retailers especially in this part of Africa - Nigeria.

They have over the years taken online transaction and shopping to a whole new level, investing a lot in advertising. This is one place where you get original products and at a very cheap and affordable price.
Apart from the convenience it offers, shopping on Jumia saves you a lot of money. One of the ways it saves you money is that just like a few other online merchants, the prices of their products are cheaper than those gotten from your physical shop. Another way they save you money is that as much as possible they regularly give out discounts. This is especially experienced in the various festive seasons around the year, where they give out codes that you can use to purchase their stuff at a considerable lesser price.

Saving Your Money with Jumia on Black Fridays
One of the best days to save money with Jumia is with Black Friday shopping. Jumia Nigeria, in its usual tradition of always wanting to go the extra mile in bringing out the best of deals to its customers just recently sets a new shopping record under the Black Friday offer. This day was first introduced to Nigeria by Jumia where it affords Nigerians an opportunity to get discounts and discounts that beats the imagination. This discount offer got to the point where it got their online counterparts in other parts of the world envious. This offer allows you to make purchases worth just a fraction of the initial budget. This can definitely drive any one to retail ecstasy.

This day comes with a lot of discount that can go as high as 70% off the original amount. These discounts affect a lot of categories of products ranging from electronic, books, computer, and home accessories and so on. For people looking to buy an item for the least possible price, buying on the Jumia Black Friday will be the best shopping decision you will make that will save you money the most. Jumia is one place where you can get to make purchases and save a lot of money. This experience does not in any way give you any feeling of being cheated. With one of Nigeria's number one retailers, you are sure to have a wonderful shopping experience while at the time saving a whole lot of money.

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