Why buy from Amazon when you can buy from Konga?


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Posted by Felix Okol on Saturday January 17, 2015 at 12:6:50:

With the way online shopping is going these days, a lot of Nigerians are beginning to embrace it. Referred to as one of the world’s leading and foremost online shopping website is the Amazon US shopping website.

Lots of local websites in Nigeira have over the years emerged where you can shop such as Konga - one of the leading retailers around this part of the world. The fact still stands that some Nigerians still prefer buying from a foreign website (talking of Amazon) rather than their own indigenous one(say Konga).

However, shopping on Amazon rather than Konga does come with some demerits which are not helpful to the buyer.

Amazon may be one shopping website that over the years has been able to establish themselves as the world's fore- most and successful ecommerce website but they don't offer direct shipping to Nigeria yet except for a few cheap items. Konga on the other hand delivers to every state in Nigeria and they sell a wide variety of goods too.

Local Buyer protection: Konga offers after service protection while Amazon does not if you are international buyer from Nigeria. This is why Amazon mostly ships to US addresses rather than Nigeria. If you buy from Konga however, you will be able to make complaints or ask any questions related to your order by contacting Konga on phone or by email.

International shipping costs: Also, when international buyers from Nigeria chose to buy things from Amazon, they might also have to pay international shipping fees on it which will make the item acquisition cost a bit more expensive than if they were to buy it from Konga. Merchants like Konga have a way of reducing international shipping cost for foreign products since they buy wholesale and use affordable means of shipping them items to Nigeria.

No high custom duties for items bought on Konga unlike Amazon. If you were buying a new laptop for instance, you might have to pay a high custom duty on it which will make the overall cost spent on the laptop much more than if you just simply purchased it from Konga.

No need for paying with foreign currency: When shopping on Amazon, one will have to pay in foreign currency and this is in US dollars and so the Nigerian buyer would have to change his Naira to dollar before buying anything on Amazon. With Konga on the other hand, you can just pay in Naira using cash or the money in your bank account. It is that easy and no long processes.

Returns are allowed with Konga: When buying stuff online from Nigeria, you can easily return it to Konga if you are not satisfied with it and a replacement can easily be made. With Amazon USA however, it can be hard since you might not be able to return it back to the USA since it's going to cost you more with a courier service. You are better protected and can easily make returns with Konga.

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