How to Avoid Delivery Charges When Shopping Online


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Posted by James on Monday December 22, 2014 at 17:45:20:

One of the known benefits of online shopping has been its cost of purchase. However, when the cost of shipping is included in the bill, it may no longer be cheaper when compared to physical shopping. Therefore, what before seemed like a better deal now turns out to be no different from your normal shopping. There are several ways that one can ensure the best deal and avoid unnecessary shipping cost. Contained in this article are few tips on how to avoid delivery charges when shopping online.

Buying With the Secret Code
These are codes that grant you access to certain discounts. Always search to find them and not to assume that because a site you are shopping with does not advertise the offer to you, it means the codes don't exist. There are lots of websites out there that allows you locate such deals in a few seconds from any online retailer. An alternative will be doing a quick Google search on whatever product it is you want to buy and the name of the site or retailer together with search terms like "discounts". If there exists any discount codes, enter the code upon checking out and this will help you to save more.

Buying from Free Shipping Sites
This is perhaps the easiest way to avoid being caught up in the cost of shipping. There are sites that never get to charge you for shipping, on your purchases or even returns. A perfect example of such site is This is one of the retail sites that are committed never to charge for shipping.

Shopping during December discount sales
This is season of the year where and when you will worry less on the cost of shipping your purchases. There are various days of this month that are free shipping days for some merchants. On such dates, whatever purchases are made will be delivered to your address free of charge and you'll not have to worry about paying to get your goods shipped and are guaranteed delivery on or before Christmas Eve - at least from an estimated 1,000-plus merchants who should participate.

Buying from merchants with nearby warehouse location

This is one effective way of eliminating cost of totally. With this you get to cut out the middle man. You visit a site and make your purchase and pick it up yourself from their brick and mortar location for no extra charge. When purchasing online, ensure to select an option known as "site to store". This option is best when the merchantís location is not very far from you. This way you not only reduce cost, you also get you goods faster instead of waiting for them to deliver it.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, one can also reduce cost by being a fan of retailers. These retailers from time to time reward their loyal customers with deals like free shipping and other exclusives. Also, buying lots of items in one order can earn you free shipping if you can spend enough such that it meets the merchant's free shipping threshold.

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