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Posted by James on Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 10:55:33:

It is amazing what the internet can help us achieve. Virtually anything can be purchased just by sitting in the comfort of your home and using your computer or even your phone. Over the years Nigerians have become aware of this and a few are gradually embracing it while some people are still finding it difficult because of certain factors that need to be met. This challenges are gradually being eliminated as a lot of shopping sites are now owned and operated right here in Nigeria.

In recent times, the process of shopping online is made easier when shopping on Nigerian websites as they now also offer the same products and services you get in foreign websites. Now anybody can buy their desired products online without having to worry about the payment method involved as they are now Nigeria friendly. With Nigerian websites you also have the option of paying on delivery. This is to say that you can decide not to pay until what you ordered for arrives.

With these recent achievements, it is no longer considered difficult to shop on the internet. The processes are similar to that involved in our regular shop outing (shopping experience). The process is almost the same for all the Nigerian websites.

First of all, after deciding on which merchant to do your shopping, you have to visit the site and you sign up or register. This can be likened to the welcome you receive at your regular shopping mall. Here the site receives you by asking for certain details like your name, home and email address and mobile number. Some sites might even provide the option of registering with social media platforms. After creating an account with them, you simply browse through their list of products.

Just like your normal shop, you will have select what you want and then add to your cart. After your selections have been made, you go to the cashier which in this case is the payment platform. This is where the checking out is done. Here you have the option of either making an immediate payment or you pay on delivery which is most preferred by Nigerians. Other options to choose from can be using a bank transfer, debit/credit card or a bank deposit payment.

After you have decided on your payment whether immediate or not, you will receive a call to confirm your order. After this is done, couriers are sent to make delivery to whatever address you want them to or you can decide to do a pick up yourself which most of the times reduces cost. On delivery, you are required to make payments if you haven't yet done. These payments will include cost of shipping.

It is amazing to know that the internet can now help us with making purchase right here in Nigeria. Thanks to the internet which has made it possible to make purchases without much stress. All that is required of you is just an internet access and your laptop or even a phone.

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