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Shopping sites in Nigeria have turned shopping into an exciting experience; the stress of shopping from one supermarket or shopping mall to another has been replaced with ordering online and getting the items shipped down to your destination. However, before you can order online from an e-commerce store, there are some things you need for it to be successful; in this article I will discuss things you need to shop online in Nigeria.

- Internet ready computer: For you to shop in an online store, you need to visit their website and you need a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection to access the website. This is very necessary for your online shopping.

- Means of Payment: This could be a debit card, credit card, cash or bank payment. Some of the online shops in Nigeria offer to accept payment on delivery, others require you to make the payment online with your card for your order to be processed. Your card should be loaded with the amount that is required to pay for the purchase you wish to make online. Most sites accept the following types of credit cards; Visa Card, Mastercard, and Verve card.

- Valid Shipping Address: After a buyer orders for an item from an online shop, he or she needs to have a valid address where the item will be delivered to for him to receive his order. A customer is always required to add a shipping address on the shipping page after their payment page on the website.

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