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Posted by James on Saturday October 4, 2014 at 10:58:5:

Over the years, online shopping has been the order of the day as it offers a lot of convenience for buyers. Several years back, issues of security and logistics have made shopping online difficult and in some case impossible. But now, instead of stepping outside of your home and going to an offline store, Nigerians are now aware that they can just sit right in the comfort of their homes and buy what ever it is that they need. Unlike the normal shopping shopping stores, online stores are always available 24 hours all through the week. This article is aimed at being a guide on how Nigerians shop online with some well known brands.

Jumia Nigeria
This website is said to have a similar design and structure as the almighty amazon. It even goes goes further to have a similar referal and affiliate program. This is referred to as Nigeria's leading online store and no othe online shop has been able to offer any competition. They offer a wide variety of products to select,from your fashion to high tech needs like mobile phones, home appliances, computer and a lot more. You just get to create an ccount and sign up for their newsletter which allows to know when there are special offers, deals and maybe free coupon codes to be redeemed. Their payment options are your debit card or mobile money.

This is another mega online store that offers a great range of products. They make it so easy to shop, and have your products delivered to you right in front of your door. They are very similar to Jumia in terms of their services and delivery. Like Jumia, all that is required to get you started is creating an account with any of your email and choosing a password. Their payment options are also convenient.

This is another website known for its nationwide acceptance in delivery and buyer protection program. It also falls among the online store that that offers an excellent and secure shopping experience. Its customer base extends to over a million Nigerians.

This online store is known to dwarf the services of a lot of other online stores. They allow the use of Nigerian cards and also ship directly to your doorstep free. They also offer their products on wholesale prices no matter the size of the order. They also offer an option where you can track your selected item and when damaged or undelivered, you can open a dispute. They have a system that frustrates and eradicates the activities of fraudsters.

The above listed websites and options of how Nigerian shop online is just a few. They are just to help you get started on shopping online without any fear of loss. However, there are still some precautions that you should take, especially when you are shopping for the first time.

Don't shop from websites that you are yet to get authentication on their genuineness.
Avoid connecting your life savings account to the card you intend to use to shop on the net. This will help curb your spending habits.

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