Why you should buy a new Smartphone


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Posted by Chidinma on Saturday August 30, 2014 at 11:32:2:

Most people wait until their phone develops a very fatal fault that is beyond repairs, before they make a move to get a new Smartphone. With the rate mobile technology is evolving on daily basis, with new technology, Apps, and many advanced features, there is need for a Smartphone to be changed regularly. The big question now is how often do I change my Smartphone, and when do should I buy a new Smartphone? For the how often question, I may not have a tangible answer for that, because it depends on my factors such as the personís income, but I will focus more on the when you should buy a new Smartphone.

A person should buy a new Smartphone when the following occurs:

- When The Smartphone is no longer useful: People buy Smart phones for a many unique reasons, and one of them is for a particular need the phone is meeting. When a Smartphone is no longer meeting that need, or serving the purpose or the purchase, common sense should tell you that it is time to go for a new phone. For instance, if you for a fast browsing experience during the 3G era, and you find out that there is now a faster 4G LTE feature with recent Smartphones that will serve you better; you can decide to go for the new Smartphone with the 4G LTE feature.

- Persistent Problems: when the current Smartphone youíre using is persistent giving you some issues, such as Virus problem, low battery life, constant flashing etc; know that it is time to get a new Smartphone.

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