Why Nigerians now buy from China


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Posted by Chidinma on Saturday August 30, 2014 at 11:20:1:

Not quite long ago, Nigerians avoided China goods and products as they were regarded as fake and inferior products. But recently, the demand for products made in China has increase, and it can be rightfully be said that over 70 percent of things we use in this country are being manufactured and imported from China. Many people even patronize their online shopping sites such as DHgate, Alibaba, and Aliexpress. In this article, I am going to refer to the reason why Nigerians now buy from China:

- Improved Value Of Products: The reason why Nigerians were formerly not patronizing China products was because of the low quality of the goods manufactured there. Take for instance, the China mobile phones then were nothing to write home about, just a fake imitation of the original one. Nowadays, we can see that the value of products manufactured in China has improved considerably, and you can get better product quality from manufacturers over their.

- Cheaper Prices: Compared to products from other countries, China products are very cheap and affordable, especially if you are buying in bulk quantity. Also some of the manufacturers offer free shipping from China to Nigeria, and they ship directly to Nigeria.

- Purchasing Directly From Manufactures: another reason Nigerians buy from China is that they can deal directly with the manufacturers, who are more than willing to produce your products according to your desired specifications and at affordable prizes, because of the availability of cheap man power in China.

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