Tips to save money when shopping at the mall


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A mall is a bigger type of Supermarket, and in a shopping mall there are a whole lot of items there for buyers to pick from Food stuffs, Home Items, Electronics, Phones and tablets, Clothing and its accessories, in fact, everything you will need will likely be gotten from a shopping mall unless you want to purchase in bulk quantity.

In this article, I will focus on some tips to save more when shopping at a mall.
- Take Advantage of Discounts: Most shopping malls offers discounts to Customers in order to encourage them to come back next time and shop in heir mall, and also there are special discounts for holiday seasons like the Christmas period, during Motherís day, during the Valentine period, shopping during these periods gives you access to great discount. A discount is also normally offered on bulk purchases rather than single units and so those are good offers you should take especially for items you regularly buy.

- Time Your Purchase: this is very important tips to help you save more when shopping, and to time you purchase means to know specific time to purchase an item, taking for an example, buying an item immediately it is introduced into the market will cost more, like if Apple releases a new Iphone into the market, buying the item within the first few weeks after its release will be costly as many people will be scrambling to buy the item too, waiting after the first 2 months to buy the item will make the item cheaper.

- Negotiate when Possible: though most shopping Malls have static prize tags for items on display, but on few occasions when it is allowed, try to negotiate or bargain less for the price of an item.

- Use payment options that come with rewards: Some payment methods accepted by shopping malls also do come with some rewards and this comes to you at no additional cost. It may be applicable when using a debit card, mobile money, cash or just making immediate payment. Use those payment options that come with certain rewards on them

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