The Effect of Technology on Humanity


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Posted by James on Monday August 24, 2015 at 13:32:23:

Thanks to technology, the world has gradually become a better place to live in. The lifestyle of people are constantly changing on a fast pace. Certain things now exist, of which some time ago nobody thought it possible.

A lot of things are getting easier to achieve.
Can you for a while imagine what the world would look like without things like television, computers, cars, trains, fridges, and indeed almost everything we make use of whether in our homes or offices making life pleasurable and easy. Our lives are made simpler every as technology advances.

You would agree with me that the great innovation and advancement in sectors like agriculture, industry, warfare and nationís safety, transport, information, medicine, communication, etc., is all as a result of technology.

The media is one sector that is known to have been improved greatly lately by technology. We have the radio, television, internet, phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones, and lots of other amazing devices available that can fit into your palm.

The medical sector is yet another sector that has been greatly enhanced by advancements in technology. This is one important aspect of humanity.Equipment, tools and medicines have been introduced; health care delivery in general has been enormously improved and enhanced by this same technology.

No doubt, technology has done a great deal of good to humanity. Our way of doing things have greatly changed. One cannot help but imagine what the future will look like as technology keeps advancing.

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