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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 15:24:47:

WiFi is a wireless connection that allows you connect to other computers or devices wirelessly or without the need for a cable. You can connect to a WiFi network provider with or without a password using a single device. You may also buy a router to connect several computers to the internet at the same time. This article will discuss how you can connect WiFi with any device.

Thing You Need To Make A Wireless Connect:
- A Device With in built Wireless Connection. It can be a computer, or a Smartphone.
- A router or access to a wireless network.

How To Connect A Computer To WiFi Network:
Ensure that there is an available wireless connection, either via Network providers or Router. Switch on the computer, Go to the ‘Start Menu’, click on ‘Computer’, search for ‘System Properties’ on the top menu and click on it. click on ‘Device Manager’, then go to ‘Network Adaptors’ Click on ‘WiFi’; go to the network’s name and click on it to make the wireless connection.

How To Connect An iPhone To WiFi Network:
Click the ‘Menu’ button; go to ‘Settings’ click on ‘WiFi’. If the WiFi is switched off, tap on the Wifi menu to switch it on. Click
on the ‘network name’ to join.

How To Connect An Android Phone To WiFi Network:
Go to Settings, click on WiFi to switch it on; Click on ‘Wireless Networks’ to bring a list of available networks, Click the ‘Network’s Name’ to join.
Most times you may be required to provide a password to access the network. You can know if a Wireless network is open or locked if there is a padlock or key displayed close to it after scanning for it. Locked networks required password which only the network provider can share.

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