How to cool your body without electricity


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday October 6, 2014 at 11:24:2:

Whenever the weather becomes too hot, the body start getting uncomfortable because of the excessive heat and if a relief is not found quickly, it can cause heat rashes to develop on certain areas of the body. But all thanks to electricity that helps to provide a quick relief through the use of Air Conditioners or Fan to cool the body. But in situations where there is no electricity, it can pose a bit of challenge for the body to cool down the body.

In this article, I will discuss alternative ways to cool your body without electricity.

- Taking A Cold Bath: Even before the invention of electricity, cold water bath had always been a quick remedy to the issue of excessive hot weather to cool down the body, and can still be used today if there is no electricity. Also taking cold water bath helps to revitalize and freshen up the body.

- Properly Ventilating The room: One of the things that causes heat to the body is when the room is poorly ventilated; open the doors and windows in the room to allow free flow of air, this can also be help to cool down the body.

- Spending Some Time Outside: If you are staying in a bungalow building, you can come outside and spend some time outside the confines of a wall. This way the fresh air outside will help to cool down your body. But this is a temporary relief because once you enter the house the heat may still resume on your body.

- Staying under a shade: When it is sunny, there are always places that can offer some form of protection from the heat and this is normally a shade which may be a under a tree, behind a wall and so on. When you stay under a shade, the body will cool down.

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