Why Solar panels are better than Power generators


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Posted by on Wednesday May 14, 2014 at 15:38:51:

A Solar panel is a solar system that receives energy from the sun and converts it to power energy, while power generator on the other hand converts mechanical energy to power energy.

Due to insufficient electrical power situation in the developing countries like Nigeria, many People now resort to making use of either solar panels or power generators to generate power energy. From all indications, solar panels are better off than power generators

Benefits of solar panels over power generators:
Health Risk: Power generators produce fumes and gases which are dangerous to the human health and also the fumes released by power generator sets are part of the gases that deplete our ozone layers. There has been countless reports of people dying as a result of smoke from generators in Nigeria. They could have survived if they just switched it off.

Environmental friendly: Power generators are not good for our environment as it contributes to air pollution and hence global warming. The gases released from power generators are not ozone layer friendly. Solar panels on the other hand are safer and ozone layer friendly. It can be mounted at any part of the house without fear of it emitting dangerous gaseous fumes; there have been cases where people have been reported dead as a result of complications from generator fumes.

Noise: Solar panels are noiseless, while power generators make a lot of noise, which constitute noise pollution. Though recently some power generator now come with sound proof features.

Cost of Usage and Repairs: Once a solar panel is mounted, it requires little or no extra cost of maintaining the panel, but for a power generator, you spend money most of the time on refueling and maintenance.

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