Watching Television with Solar energy


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Solar energy is energy gotten from the sun. This energy is converted to power energy which generates electricity to power major electronic. Since the invention of solar power, people are becoming more inclined in the use of solar energy to power their appliances. An average person spends over 72 hours watching TV every week, as most people rely on TV networks for news updates, entertainment, sports updates and to get informed of happenings around the world.

How to power your Television with Solar Energy
Some television sets now come with inbuilt solar panel that automatically draws energy from the sun to power the TV whenever the electric power goes off, while some others don’t come with solar panels. To power the latter, you have to mount a solar panel in a strategic position in the house such as on the roof, where it can tap energy from the sun and convert the energy that can power the TV. If the TV requires DC input, it can be connected directly to the Solar panel else it would need an inverter which will convert the generated DC from the solar panel to AC input. This system normally requires a deep cycle rechargeable battery that stores the generated energy such that it can power the tv even when there is a dark cloud.

Some Benefits of Using Solar Energy to Power Television include:
First, it is cheaper to power a television with a solar panel, than with other power generator or electric power, this is because, when you power your TV with power generator, you will need fuel to power it, while powering it with electric power will hike your electric bills.

Secondly, with a solar panel, you are sure of power 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t have to depend on electric power or spend money to purchase fuel before you can watch updates on your TV.

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