Transferring files using Bluetooth


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Posted by on Friday April 4, 2014 at 12:4:59:

Some years back, infrared was the predominant software used in transferring files from one device to another. However, due to the limitations of infrared such as, low transfer speed and shorter distance, Bluetooth was introduced.

Bluetooth is software that helps in the transfer of files such as music files, video files and other files that are not in a document form. Bluetooth is faster when transferring files and major mobile devices and computers come with inbuilt Bluetooth software. Letís look at how to transfer files from one device to the other using Bluetooth.

- You need to switch on the Bluetooth on both devices; you can find the Bluetooth setting on the connectivity option on the device.

- Some devices like Blackberry phone require you to synchronize the two devices via Bluetooth before you start sending a file, to synchronize, use the first device and search for the Bluetooth on another device, It will ask for password to enable it pair the Bluetooth from both devices, enter a password in the device and repeat the password in the other device to synchronize both devices.

- Go to the file you want to send, click on the send option, it will show you sending options, click on Bluetooth, search for the other deviceís Bluetooth name and click on ok to start sending. Accept the file from the other Bluetooth to allow the device receive the file. You will receive an alert on your device when the file has fully entered the device.

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