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Posted by on Thursday October 3, 2013 at 9:13:54:

This sleek device is one of the newest release from the Apple company. It comes with many unique features that makes it very unique from other devices.

Features of the iPhone 5
Talking about the physical features of this phone, the iPhone 5 comes with an aluminum covered back, and the front display screen is covered with glass.

Instead of the normal larger screen that is synonymous with i-phones, this device comes with, a taller and slimmer screen display. The iPhone 5 weighs just 112 grams,which is about 20% lighter and noticeably slimmer than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 supports the 4G/LTE ,3G,2G Networks respectively. And the LTE is for faster data speed and internet connection.

The device has a primary camera of 8MP and a secondary camera of 1.2MP. The operating system that came with the iPhone 5 is the IOS6 but it can be upgraded to the latest IOS 7 Operating system, and a dual processor of 1.3GHz.

Apple tried in fulfilling their promise of a better battery life, because this battery is about 1440mAh,which is 225 stand by hours and 8hours of talk time. Though there is major room for improvement here

The summary of the iPhone 5 features:
Operating System: IOS6( which is upgradeable)
Memory : internal memory of 16g/32G/64G
Camera:Primary camera:8MP
Secondary camera:1.3 MP
Chip set: Apple a6
22 stand by hours, and
8 talk time hours.
Let me talk about the pros and flaws of this device,but lets begin with the

- The Apple map that comes with the device is a big time flaw. We expected more from perfectionist company like Apple ,but there map is a great disappointment.
- The aluminum cover is very delicate and can be easily scratched.

- The LTE feature added to the iPhone 5 device made it faster in data speed when browsing.
- Apple also delivered on its promise for a battery life though its still poor when compared to that of other smart phones.
- The reduction in weight of the device, is one more reason while Apple loyalist are falling in love with this phone more as the day goes by.

In all, Apple over delivered big time in this there new device. Both the lighter weight, the better battery life and the Apple A6 and 4G/LTE contributed in Making the phone a very desirable one. But the cheap aluminum back that is prone to scratches and the laughable Apple map, is worth looking into and necessary changes should be made to correct this flaws in the later versions of the iPhone devices. And for anybody that loves s very sleek, fast and smarter iPhone with many apps at your beck, the Apple iPhone 5 is the better choice of device for you.

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