Using Solar panels in Nigeria


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A Solar panel is a photo voltaic panel that collects energy from the sun and coverts it to Direct Current (DC) which can be used to power electronic gadgets and devices at home.

For some years now, the use of solar panels has been prevalent as a main or alternative source of power supply all around the world, mainly because it helps people cut down on their electricity bills which in most cases are very expensive and also reduce global warming which is a major problem with fossible fuel consuming power generators.

In Nigeria, the use of solar panels is becoming more popular because of the epileptic power supply in the country.

More People are focusing more on using solar panels to power their homes because the main source of power which is the electric power is more or less not functional and also Nigerian weather is very favourable for the use of solar panels due to the fact that we have more of sunny days in the country for most parts of the year

In addition to powering homes, solar panels are being used to power other public gadgets such as the street lights that can be found in major roads, and also the traffic lights.

To make use of solar panel to power a home in Nigeria, the person has to purchase the solar panel and have it mounted it in a position where it can have direct access to sunlight, usually on the rooftop or window and with the help of the information guide that comes with the panel, or you can employ the services of a professional electrician to mount the panel.

Once the solar panel has been mounted, the output power has to be then connected to a Deep cycle battery or other DC device so that the generated power can be stored or immediately used. In most cases, the DC generated from the Solar panel is stored in batteries for later use when there is a need to and it can also be converted to Alternative Current(AC) by making use of an inverter. AC is the major current required for use by some electronic devices at the home or office.

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