Here's How To Encrypt PDF Files With Adobe Acrobat Reader


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Posted by Adesida Oluwasegun Presegs on Wednesday October 5, 2011 21:47:45:

PDF files have become so common as MS Office files. Sometimes sensitive information about these files, and you should be able to protect files from unauthorized users. Read on to learn how to protect your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat.

First run Adobe Acrobat.

Now go to the menu bar and select "Document".

Get off at the security option at the bottom in the "Document" drop down menu and select "Restrict the opening and editing" option.

A new pop-up screen with the title of "password protection - Settings". You can choose the compatibility settings (ie, that the versions of Acrobat can be used in a PDF file. I decided to Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or later.

Next, select the box next to "Require password to open the document." You can now enter a password of a PDF file.

Once you create a password, click "OK" below. Adobe Acrobat now I ask you to confirm the password by typing it again.

Now, once confirmed your password, you will need to save the password at the beginning.

Go to the menu bar under "File System" and select SAVE ability to simply press the Ctrl key and S.

After saving the PDF file closing and reopening Adobe should do with a password.

PDF files are secure! !!Read more of this tips and tricks @

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