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Posted by on Thursday June 5, 2014 at 16:59:12:

A Smartphone is the in-thing now when it comes to mobile devices. Nowadays, we depend on our Smartphones for to do virtually everything for us. Most smartphones run on the 3 major operating systems which are Android operating system, Windows operating system for mobile and Apples IOS. Apart from the main function of a mobile phone which is to make calls, receive calls and send text messages, this article will put you through some other things which you can do wit your Smartphone;

- Capture videos: People now create short videos that are good enough for HD screen using their smartphones. Since there has been an improvement on mobile camera technology, it's easier to capture moving images with a smartphone.

- Taking good images: Smartphones come with tiny cameras that can also take good quality images that are about as good or even better than some digital cameras. Some pictures taken by smartphones can be easily printed to a good output.

- Bluetooth: It's very hard to see a Smartphone that doesn't at least have bluetooth connectivity. With it, you'd be able to transfer and share files between 2 or more devices.

- Online mobile chatting: Nowadays, smartphones have access to several apps that allows users to engage in online chatting using the mobile internet, sms and bluetooth.

- Wi-Fi connectivity: Smartphones come with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi in any area that has a wireless connection. Wi-fi is a wireless connection that allows you to connect to the internet. This means that with your Smartphone, you can always go online as long as there is a wireless connection, but most people charge for their Wi-Fi usage.

- Water-Proof: This is a new feature that comes with most Smartphones these days. The water proof feature makes the mobile phone resistant to water, so with this feature, you donít have to panic anytime your phone falls inside water. Sony- Xperia Z series can last up to 5 minutes inside water with a depth of about 5 feet without developing faults.

- GPS: Most Smartphones come with a GPS ability that show you where you are at the moment and can show you directions to where you are going to. So gone are those days where you miss your way as you are heading to somewhere because your Smartphone will serve as a guide.

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