How to create good videos with your mobile phone


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Posted by on Thursday June 5, 2014 at 16:24:19:

Apart from making and receiving calls and sending text, there many more things you can do with your mobile phone such as taking nice pictures and creating cool videos. The video can be a short video clips of a memorable event, a review of a product while standing in front of the camera, whatever kind of video it is your want to make, this article will take you through on how to create cool videos with your mobile phone.

- Check the Camera Pixel of the Mobile Phone: its not all mobile phones that can create video, its only mobile devices with inbuilt cameras that can be used to create videos. Most mobile phones especially smart phones come with great mega pixels, that ranges from 3 MP to 13 MP.

- Arrange the Information You want to portray with your Video: even before you get started with creating the video, you should make a sketch of what the video will capture and what the video will be all about.

- Check the Settings of the Camera: if the setting in your phone’s video mode can be altered, make sure that the video capture settings are at the highest. You might also want to put your phone on flight mode, so as to avoid interruptions from calls and text messages when you start making the video.

- Start capturing: its time to capture the pictures in motion that you want to be included in the video.

- Editing: before you finally upload the video you created, it is best ro edit the video. There are some mobile software online that will help in the editing of videos created with mobile phone.

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