How to make cheap calls on MTN Nigeria


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Want to get the best prices for making a call with MTN in Nigeria? Well there are several ways and tips to do this.
MTN Nigeria is a telecommunication company in Nigeria that offers mostly voice calls to people. They also offer other services such as data, sms and fleet tracking.
The voice calls are the most popular however and millions of Nigerians use the network to call families, friends and business contacts everyday. One thing that cannot be overlooked is the cost of phone bills you make at the end of every month. Most subscribers use the Prepaid service which means services are normally paid forward such that when you exhaust your phone credit, you will need to recharge or top up your MTN line.

Your current costs
One question you need to ask yourself is: How much do you spend on your phone bills per month?
For the average user, the costs could be as much as N1000 a week and N4000 a month. For other upwardly mobile and business users, the cost could go higher to N15000 every month while for the low level users, N1000 a month could do just fine.
Now have you ever wondered if it was possible for you to reduce the amount of money your spend on your MTN line every month. Wouldn't it be economically wise to use a few tips to minimize the cost of your voice calls or at least get credit or a discount to making calls? Well the good news is that MTN Nigeria has always been offering such service in various packages and you just need to take advantage of it to make life much better for you.

Things you can do to get cheaper calls with your MTN line (Happylink recommended)
- Use MTN family and friends: Just register your most called numbers and it will reduce your cost to as low as 50%. It works on Happylink package and you can register up to 4 contacts by dialing *560*1*08031234567#
- Make use of bundle packages: Rather than pay as you go if you know how much you normally spend in a month.
- Receiving internation calls earns you N30 for every 5 mins

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