Things Nigerian Christians do during Easter celebration


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday April 1, 2015 at 11:55:57:

The Easter celebration is a time when Christians around the world celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; Easter is widely celebrated in Nigeria because over 45% of the entire population are Christians.

In this article I will discuss things Nigerian Christians can do during Easter celebration to spice up the period;

1. Spend Time with Love Ones: there is always a nation wide break period from work and school during the Easter period, Nigerian Christians can take advantage of this period to spend the needed time with loved ones; it may involve travelling from one State to another.

2. Exchange of Gifts: gifts are not meant to be exchanged only during the Christmas period; Christians in Nigeria can exchange gifts with their loved ones during the Easter period; there is a say that there is love in sharing, so exchanging gifts during the Easter period is a way to show love. It is not a must that the gift have to been something expensive; little gifts like Greeting Cards, Hampers, and souvenirs are enough to show that you care.

3. Spend Time With God: some churches will make utilize the Easter period to conduct many revivals and church Crusade; Christians in Nigeria can attend these programs to spice up their Easter celebration period and also spend some quality time in he presence of God which is the ultimate.

4. Spend Time With the Less Privileged: spending sometime with the less privileged will go a long way to spice up your Easter period.

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