The benefits of praising God


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:51:48:

Praising God has to do with acknowledging the good things that God has made available to us and thanking Him for it; every good Christians knows that praising God is of utmost importance in our lives. Each and every day, we have every reason to praise God; for our life, the lives of our friends and relatives, provision He makes available to us, blessing the works of our hands, for the good health, in fact there are thousands of things to praise God for in our lives; praises can come in the form of singing praise, clapping or dancing unto God, Lets look at some of the benefits that is derived when we wholeheartedly offer our praises to God.

- Praises makes way for us to receive more from God: there is an Igbo adage that says, when a great man is praised for a good work he has done, he will try greater things in the future. When we are grateful to God for every little gift He gives use and praise his name, He showers us with greater blessings.

- Praises moves God to do the impossible for us: there has been many instances in the Bible where praises helped Godís people over come impossible situations; taking the story of Joshua and the wall of Jericho as an instance where the children of Israel brought down the might walls of Jericho with just shouts of joy; likewise, if we praise God when experiencing a very difficult situation, God will intervene.

- It makes us self fulfilled: Since man was created to worship God, it only gives him a feeling of self fulfillment when he does that job. We can't feel satisfied within us if we didn't praise him. It is what we are built to do.

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