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Religion can be defined as the belief in the existence of a powerful and spiritual being who controls humanity and nature.

Everybody believes that there is a Supreme being in existence, though we cannot see that being. Religion is not only the belief in a Supreme Being, it also has to do with ways we establish a relationship with the Being. That is the reason you see that there are many religions in the world today as different people have different ways they relate to their God. For instance as Christians, we have that we commune with God through prayers in the name of his son Jesus while traditional religion believe that they communicate to their gods through their ancestors. In this article, we would look at some of the benefits of religion.

Some benefits of religion:
- It makes us acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being: It is religion that makes us know that there is a Being that is wiser and greater than our human nature.

- It gives us peace of Mind: Religion gives you inner most peace as you find your place in the Supreme Being. We believe that man is a being created by a creator, so inner most peace and fulfillment is experienced when you find your place with your Maker and religion helps you establish a relationship with your Maker.

- Religion builds our confidence: Since we believe that there is a Supreme Being who is greater and wiser than us humans and is willing to help us when we ask for his help, we have confidence since we know that no matter what befalls us, we have a Supreme Being willing to help us straighten it. This gives us something to hold on to in times of need.

- It unites people: When people share the same belief and practices, they tend to stay united and do things in common. They find it easy to agree to the same kinds of laws and protect their own.

- It makes people to embrace goodness: People tend to behave morally upright because of religion. It allows them to be more disciplined and do things in an ordered and diligent manner.

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