Why Nigerian Churches are normally filled to Capacity


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Posted by on Monday April 14, 2014 at 13:17:41:

The Church is where Christians normally meet together in order to share their faith in God and Nigeria today, it is booming. Almost every Sunday, and on special events, you'd not be surprised to find church buildings filled to its capacity that you'd wonder at what kind of power it is that attracts such a large number of people to a single place.

You get to ask yourself why the churches in Nigeria are booming like this. Does it mean that Nigerians are that close to God?

Some people do go to Church because of the financial riches they hope to get from it. To them it's called church business and is said to be a lucrative business apart from politics and if you notice the way troop to any these churches during special activities, you might agree more with the saying.

The question however is on why Nigerian Churches are always filled to capacity every other day they are holding church services or events.

Some of the reasons for that includes: 
1. Financial breakthrough: Due to the high level of poverty and economic break down in the country, some people believe that the only solution to their bad finance is a spiritual one and so they go for prayers against negative forces that block their career, business and life.

2. Pregnancy: Most women go to church seeking for God's help in getting pregnant. This is mostly common among women who have been married but are childless for many years. They believe that only God has the power to bless them with children where all else might have failed.

3. Spiritual protection: People who are faced with a lot of challenges and have enemies also go to church for prayers in order to be protected from the power of their enemies. They believe that with God's protection, every weapon designed against them will not work.

4. Supernatural healing: Another reason is to get healed spiritually and physically. some of these churches hold healing crusades where sick people are miraculously healed of their ailments, because of this reason, you see people going their in their numbers to receive their own healing.

5. Predictions: Finally, pastors from most of these churches are prophets, who tell and fore warn church members of future events. Others then attend these churches to get informed of happenings that will take place in the future (prophesies) and to know how to prevent them. Christians prefer to hear about their future from the mouth of their leaders.

6. Spiritual growth: People also go to church just to get more spiritual power and be able to get closer to God.

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