If Nigeria was an Islamic republic


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Nigeria is described a a secular nation meaning that the govt has nothing to do with religion. In terms of religion, there are 2 major religions in Nigeria which are Christianity and Islam.

Christianity in Nigeria tends to dominate most of the Southern region while Islam tends to dominate most of the Northern region and there have been religious tensions at the middle and northern parts of Nigeria due to growing population.

Nigeria as a country gives individuals freedom of worship, but that may be quite different if the country suddenly turns into an Islamic republic.

There seems to be a growing concern among people that there are some elements that want to turn the nation into an Islamic nation either by force or by trickery. This in spite of the fact that there are millions of Christians also living in the same country. Religious tensions in the past especially in northern states like Kaduna, Kano and Borno have led to the loss of thousands of human lives, mostly Christian due to the fact that some Muslims do not believe that Christians should be allowed to practice their religion in the north.

There is also a growing level of violence in Islamic dominated states of Nigeria, particularly in border states like Borno where terrorists have over the years been fighting to convert Nigeria into an Islamic state. Earlier in the 20th century, a growing number of nothern Nigerian states started to include Sharia as part of their legal system and this goes to show that most northern states of Nigeria would not mind if the state truly became an Islamic republic like that of Iran or Iraq but without the violence.

Benefits of an Islamic state:
- There may be relative peace in the country, if everybody were be practising the same religion as there would be less mistrust on the basis of religion.

- The Islamic banking system will be an advantage to Persons who want to start their own business outfits, because they can collect loans from the Islamic banks and pay back with no interest.

- There might be lower crime rate since citizens would not want to break the law and suffer some of the cruel punishments prescribed by the Shariah law.

- It may encourage more Islamic investment into Nigeria from Islamic nations of the world

- It would encourage the end of Islamic related violence agitating for an Islamic state

- It could lead to civil war and both Christians and Muslims would lose their lives since both sides would not be willing to give up their religion

- It could lead to a break up of Nigeria and continuous attacks on oil installations as a result of the resistance to Islamism

- People will automatically loose their freedom of religion since everybody will be subdued to the rulings and regulations of Islam.

- There might be a bit of educational backwardness if western education was sidelined in favour of Islamic education

- It may also lead to mass emigration of people from Nigeria to fellow African countries for safety

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