Why Nigerian Christians pay tithe in their church


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 16:17:9:

A tithe is a tenth or specific percentage of your income, for instance, as a worker if you monthly take home salary is N200, 000 after tax is removed; your tithe is N20, 000.

Although most men of God and Clergy men always remind Christians to always be faithful in paying their tithes, but most of them always defaults because they dont know the benefits they gain from paying their tithes in the church. Some of the reasons why Nigerian Christians should pay tithe on church include;

As a religious obligation: They believe that since God required of it in the bible through Moses. They believe that since Abraham did it and so did his descendants, they should follow suit also. Some Christians however feel its not specifically a Christian duty but optional since it belongs to the old covenant and Christ did not exactly promote it.

To receive more blessings from God: Many Christians believe that anyone who contributes to the house of God will be paid back more as a reward and so they believe it gives them back automatic blessings irrespective.

It is natural to give something to their Christian family: Most Nigerians claim that they give alms to the beggars and help the needy and it is a better alternative to giving their tithe in the church. What they forget is that the church is where they get spiritual nourishment to help them grow in other areas of their lives, and it is natural that you should give something back to the hand that feeds you.

So a Christian that needs more financial blessings should learn to pay tithes or at least contribute something financially to his church.

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