Why Nigerian women are very religious


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday May 6, 2015 at 15:44:31:

Nigeria is said to be among the most religious countries of the world. Religious in the sense that an average Nigerian has a spiritual explanation of everything that happens around him
For instance, a typical Nigerian will believe that wealth comes from God and that with much service to God, coupled with prayer and faster, a person can become wealthy, while they forget the fact that hard work, discipline and offering goods or services to people in exchange for money is the very vital ingredient required to create wealth.

For the female folks too, Nigerian women can even be said to be much more religious than the male folks; this fact can be proven by visiting any religious gathering such as Church, Crusades or Evangelism, you will find a greater number of women than men there; the question now is, why are Nigerian women very religious? Will there be more women in heaven than men? Well, that's probably a topic for another day.

Some of the reasons I've noticed why Nigerian women are very religious includes;

1. They have more leisure time: An average Nigerian woman has more time to spend and most time these extra times are channeled into one religious activity or the other. Some women use their leisure time to watch tv or chat with her friends while many use it to attend a church activity. The men however are mostly busy looking for better ways to make money to take care of the family.

2. They are the weaker sex: Being the weaker sex makes them more willing to believe in the supernatural who will help solve their problems and make up for their weakness. Men tend to be more confident in themselves unlike women. Women adhere more to religion because they believe they will find justice and strength from it.

3. They appreciate the social life: Many women go to church because it's also a place to meet and talk to people. They love the community life where things are done as a group rather than as individuals. I guess that's probably why they live longer than men.

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