The Rainmakers as gods in Igbo land


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Mmiri ga ezo - rain will fall and that's when the rainmaker makes it to. You don't organize a public event in Eastern Nigeria without seeking the blessings of local rainmakers otherwise known as Nde Mmiri. These are like gods that have the supernatural ability to bring down rain from the heavens. Yes, they are mortal men but they can make rain fall even precisely at your public event and how heavy that rain can be, if you did not settle them in advance.
Although it is becoming less fashionable for modern youths not to seek their blessings since some feel it is a fetish or succumbing to devilish power.

Is their power devilish?
I can't really say since human beings has the capacity to perform supernatural things when they believe. But modern day Christians who know little or no tradition see it as evil while traditional people see it as simply powerful men who inherited such power from their ancestors and not necessarily evil. All powers really do come from God and so I believe if one is also a prayerful Christian, he may be able to also make rain fall or stop afterall we have the example of Elijah.

What people do in Igboland
The normal routine for most traditional men in Igbo land is to go and settle these rain maker(s) and at times it may involve settling both father and son if they are equally powerful. They normally accept cash donations so that your occasion may be rain free else mmiri ga ezo. However rainmakers vary in power as some are said to be more powerful than others and at times there are just many of them one has to settle. However it's not compulsory to see them as you can still hold your event despite the rain or use your own power if you have.

Should you settle the Rainmakers?
It really depends on you. These guys have some sort of supernatural power and when they cry, rain falls and it can disturb your even. You can settle them if you like or you can call a prayer warrior to pray against rain. You might as well plan to have your event despite the rain if you like.

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