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Posted by on Wednesday May 14, 2014 at 15:8:39:

We all need friends and acquaintances that we can depend on. Nobody is an island, so we need to surround ourselves with good friends most of the time.

Some of the things than can help define a person are the books the he reads and the type of friends that he surrounds himself with.

The importance of having good friends cannot be overemphasized. Some people find it difficult making friends either because they are scared of rejection, inferiority complex, mistrust or because they are being cautious.

First, to make friends easily you need to always have an open mind. People will always naturally feel drawn to you an you likewise will be drawn to people. It's good to make use of those first impressions to meet people. You don't have to remain friends for the long term if you later dislike their behaviour.

Secondly, you should try being cheerful. People that smile always, attract good friends to themselves that those who always wear a stern look. Wearing a serious look scares people away from you.

Thirdly, try to initiate the first move. Some people always wait for people to come talk to them first, before they can start a conversation. This is not always cool. You can be the one to walk up to the person and begin a conversation with that Person. Invite the person out, share ideas and have fun, with time, it will grow into a great friendship.

Finally, always be good to the friends you already have. Be kind and respectfully to them. Donít take them for granted and appreciate their little efforts while over-looking their little faults. This way, you will not only maintain the friend you have, more people will like to be your friends

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