Is it right for a Nigerian lady to propose to a man?


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Posted by on Saturday March 29, 2014 at 12:48:0:

In Nigeria, when a man and a woman are dating or in a relationship, it is expected for the man to propose marriage to the woman. It is almost unheard of, for a woman to propose to a man in a relationship. Is it ok for a Nigerian lady propose to man? secondly, is it right for a Nigerian woman to propose to a man.

In respect to the first question that asked if a Nigerian lady can propose to a man, the answer is yes. A Nigerian woman can propose to a man, but it advisable that it should happen in a situation where the relationship has matured to some extent. Both partners in the relationship should have gone a long way together, contributed immensely to each otherís life, confirmed that they are compatible. In such a relationship, if the man is not forth coming with the proposal, the lady can take the bull by the horns and propose to the man. It is important to note that this can only be allowed in a matured relationship, because a lady proposing to a man in a new or growing relationship will be seen as a desperate woman will ulterior motifs.

To the second question, if it is right for a lady to propose to man, if the proposal was made in the kind of relationship mentioned above, there is nothing wrong if the woman was the one that proposed to the man, since both Partners have come a long way and already at the verge of taking the relationship to the next level, the lady can propose marriage for them to settle down.

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