How to make friends in school


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The type of Friends a Student keeps in school will go along way in determining the Student’s success or failure in the school.

The good old saying of ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are" is something worth considering.

Making Friends can be a little difficult for some Students, especially shy Students or if you are new Student in a school. This article will look at some few tips to help you make good friends in school.

Tips that can help you to make friends
- Introduce yourself to your Classmates: If you are new in a school, introducing yourself to your classmates is a good way to make friends. Don’t always wait for People to come around and meet you, you can take the first step and start up a conversation with your Classmates and get to know them better.
- Always wear a smile on your face. Nobody likes to be friends with a harsh and unfriendly person. Wearing a smile and friendly face will make more People become attracted to you and want to associate with you.
- Joining study groups is another good way to make fiends in school. You can join an already existing study group or you can start one yourself and get others to join the group. Joining a study group will enable you meet Friends that will motivate you to study more and excel in school.
- Carry yourself with self confidence and avoid being rude to your friends. Make anybody who wants to be your friend feel comfortable with around you. You will get more People becoming your friends.
- Dress well: Most students at school tend to dress well and neat and most people prefer associating with such people. If you want to make friends easily, the job is almost half done if you dress properly.

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