Why older generation Nigerian marriages last longer than new ones


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 16:20:52:

Our parents and grand parents had longer and happier marriages than that of this younger generation; everyday you hear of love gone sour and marriages crashing all around; it really gets me wondering why it seems that this our present generation canít get it right when it comes to the issue of marriage and relationship. In this article, I will mention reasons, why marriages of this younger generation donít last long;

1. Parental influence: In the past, Nigerian parents tend to use their influence and pressure to ensuring that marriages work and this is mostly because they carry along members of the nuclear family as well as their in-laws when dealing with marriage issues. The most important decision that helped the marriages to work was in choosing a suitable partner for their children. They do a lot of investigation and study family history before approval a marriage proposal. They use their wisdom in helping the man or woman choose a suitable partner for marriage. They also help the marriage to work by contributing their wealth to the couple.

2. Lower Level of Tolerance: The older generation had the mindset that marriage is for better for worst; and with this mindset the couples had high tolerance to stay back and workout any issue that may come up in the marriage; unlike the present generation where divorce is seen as the in thing and a way out for every little issue that comes up in marriage. They saw marriage as a sacrifice and not always a bed of roses but today, more and more young Nigerians think little of marriage and care little about the vows involved.

2. Lack of Communication between couples and parents: Communication is very important in any relationship; the partners should be able to communicate at all levels, and also discuss about issues that concern their personal lives and future and also to bring each others fault to them in a subtle manner; I guess that one of the reasons marriages donít last is because of lack of communication between couples and also involving a third party to issues that should be settled within the family.

3. Infidelity: One other thing that destroys marriages very fast this days is the issue of infidelity; both men and women are guilty of this issue, coupled with the fact that sex is so over rated these days. In the old days, things like adultery were not common but in these days, it is becoming more common.

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