Entertaining things Nigerian couples can do to prevent boredom


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Posted by Chidinma on Thursday December 25, 2014 at 22:23:12:

Couples can easily get bored here in Nigeria if they donít find interesting things that will keep them occupied; because Nigeria is not really like other developed countries where there are entertaining events and things to keep couples occupied most time. This article will focus on entertaining things Nigerian couples can do to prevent boredom.

1. Go On Dates: going out on dates is not just for new couples who are getting to know themselves better, married couples can also plan to go out on dates occasionally; it can be a dinner date in any restaurant of their choice, or a date to visit one of the cinemas we have around in Nigeria to watch their favourite movie. Doing this constantly like once a week and in various locations will give the couples something new to look forward to each time.

2. Go On Vacations: we are not really used to the idea of vacation here in Nigeria except during the festive season; vacation here does not mean weeks or even months of staying away from the house, it may be a two days weekend travel to another city or state; if the couple has children, they can send them to relatives to stay for the two days they will be away. This simple arrangement is not just for entertainment, but gives the couple time to reconnect with each other.

3. Invite Some Friends for Dinner: this will work better if the couple where the couples does not have kids of their own; they can invite friends or colleagues to come for dinner in their home and share some good time together with them.

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