Why Nigerians Should Pray for Their President


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Posted by James on Saturday January 17, 2015 at 11:45:16:

As Nigerians, Praying for your president and other people in leadership positions is something that I believe should be taken very seriously. You would agree with me that Nigeria as a nation needs your intercession. However, praying for people in authority positions does not just have to do with Nigerian alone, but to be practiced by every nation.

Prayer is a necessity if any country that must succeed, and as citizens of that country, it is our duty to pray. This prayer should be made especially for our presidents and then the rest of the leaders. God commands that we pray for them no matter how bad we think they are. As long as they are in office, it means God allowed it and so you should help them by offering prayers to God for them.

This does not in any way mean praying for their demise as a lot of people would want to, rather, itís praying for them to lead well so that we can be able to live peaceably in the society. When your president is not in he's or her perfect state, the country can be in trouble. As citizens of Nigeria, we must understand that the president alone cannot change this country and as such needs our help. One of the first and probably the best help that we can offer is praying for whoever sits on that seat at every point in time.

There are a lot things our prayers can help accomplish. It can help them get to the realization that they obtained their positions by God's permissive will and Choice. They will get to realize how inadequate they are in leading and then look up to God for direction. Also, your prayers can cause God to restore righteousness and dignity to the office. Your prayers will help them to make the right decisions in other to get the desired outcome.

Sometimes, or rather most of the time, these things are more spiritual than physical. The devil realizes that if only he can get to the president, his people will be affected. So the moment he succeeds with the president and causes him to make faulty decisions, it affects us all. So you see sometimes, when our presidents makes decisions that are undesirable, it could be that the devil is behind it, influencing them - unknown to them.

Praying for the president in the long run will influence our well being - it is for our own peace. As it is sometimes said that battles that are fought with prayers always guarantees victory. For our country to be the best as we would want it to be, we have a responsibility to always pray for our president and other people that are in authority. The results of our prayers might not get to show immediately, but the truth is that it definitely will (prayer surely works). The importance of prayer cannot be overemphasized, as it determines the success of any government through peace and security.

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