Why Politicians lose elections


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Posted by Chidinma on Saturday August 30, 2014 at 11:44:38:

Politics is more like a tug of war in which one winner must emerge at the end of the day, no matter how many people that are contesting, because it is just one position that they are all seeking to occupy, and only one person can win. With a god ground work and a god contesting strategy, a politician has better chances of winning a political post. In this article, I will discuss some minor reasons that make politicians loose in an election:

- Lack Of Good Campaign Strategy: most politicians lack god campaign strategy, they think that its all about spreading money (though money goes a long way in Nigerian politics). A good campaign strategy can go a long way in endearing the politicians to the heart of the people. For instance, I read that during the period Barack Obama was campaigning for the first tenure, he sent a personal voice message to millions of Americans, asking them personally to vote for him. Voice messaging wasn’t this popular then, and you can imagine how they felt getting a voice message from a presidential candidate that was soliciting for their votes.

- Lack Of An Impressive Manifesto: A Politician's manifesto and the way the Politician presents the manifesto to the people will go a long way in determining the if the Politician will win or loose in an election. Some even employ a professional to compose a manifesto for them, after which they find it difficult presenting it in the right way to the people.

- Sabotage: this is true especially in Nigerian politics, and it can take the form of jumping from one Political party to pay allegiance to another party or stepping down for an opponent.

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