Why PDP defeated APC in Ekiti state


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Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 10:48:4:

Former governor Ayo Fayose emerged the winner of the just concluded June 2014 governorship elections in Ekiti State.

The former governor from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) won the governor Kayode Fayemi from All Progressive Congress (APC). Ayo Fayose got 203,090 of the votes cast during the election defeating Kayode who polled only 120,433 votes, the result was announced by the State’s returning officer Prof. Isaac Azuzu Uzoma who declared the former governor winner of the election.

Talking on the issue of why PDP defeated APC in the elections, I may not be able to give a very pointed argument as why, but from all indications, it can be deduced that the election was a free and fair one.

According to a newspaper report, Kayode Fayemi was said to have claimed that he lost because some members of his party who had one or two issues with the party sold out during the election, he also claimed that the party members that sold out where the ones that gave the opposition party (PDP) the privilege to take the baton of leadership from him, but in all, he congratulated Fayose on his success. Former governor Ayo Fayose on the other hand attributed his success to the common corporation of not only his party members, but the whole people of Ekiti State, that trusted him enough to vote him into office.

If it is true that APC's loss was as a result of sabotage from his party members that moved to another party instead of settling there misunderstanding with the party amicably, it can be concluded that PDP won in the election because of the oneness they had in voting for Fayose

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