Why Politicians switch parties


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Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 10:36:6:

Politics in Nigeria is mostly a do or die affair and is often regarded as a dirty game. Because aspiring politicians know that they stand to gain a lot when appointed into office, they go the extra mile to ensure that they are elected at all cost. When major elections are fast approaching, it is not uncommon to hear of one of 2 politicians jumping from one political party to another. Some even deny their parties few days to the election, so betrayal is a common thing to be prepared for when involved in politics.

Letís look at some of the reasons why politicians jump from one political party to another when a major election is fast approaching.

- When Denied a political slot: First reason is that, when an aspiring candidate is not given the platform to represent the party for a major political post, the Candidate can decide to switch to another party that will provide the platform for him to contest. For instance, if you belong to PDP and you wish to contest for chairmanship of a Local government, but the party has already made a choice of candidates they wish to support, you can decide to switch to another party to contest from the party.

- To Remedy for a Loss: Secondly, before a major election is held, the party has to do its primaries, to select a candidate that will contest from party, some politicians switch to another party if they failed in the primaries of their own party.

- Weak party: Finally, if a Politician perceives that the chances of his party winning the political post are low, he can opt to switch to a new party.

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