Why more Nigerians should engage in Politics


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Posted by on Sunday July 13, 2014 at 22:1:42:

Politics in Nigeria is another affairs altogether, it is considered a bloody and dirty game, and a win or die affair, because of the things Politicians do with win political post. Some even go to the extent of killing people for rituals, in order to acquire the spiritual power needed to win the position. This is the reason why decent people shy away from getting involved in the politics of Nigeria, because they consider it a very dirt game to indulge in, but the truth remains that more decent, and non corrupt people are needed in our political sphere now to help right the wrongs there. Letís look at some of the reasons why more people, or rather decent people need to get involved in politics;

To increase competitiveness: When more decent people get involved in politics, they will help improve performance since each of them will be competiting against each other. Others will be able to build on what they've achieved and in the end, it helps provide better service to the people who voted for them.

To Help Make Better Policies: When more decent people are involved in politics, the chances that they will be chances that they will be elected into high political positions. When they are elected, they can help make better policies that will favour the masses, and carry out make projects and provide amenities with funds available instead of stealing them for their own personal use.

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