The 2nd Niger Bridge and 2015 elections


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Posted by on Friday March 14, 2014 at 12:17:29:

A few days back, the President performed the Ground Breaking Ceremony that will kick start the construction of the Second Niger Bridge. The Second Niger Bridge will cover a distance of 1.8 Kilometres or 1,590 Metres, and a Sum total of 117 Billion Naira has been budgeted to finance the construction.

After nearly 20 Years of delay in the bid to construct a new bridge that will lay off some loads and stress from the already existing Niger Bridge that is in a bad form, it seems now that the new Bridge will be constructed under the Government of President Goodluck Jonathanís Tenure. The President also promised that the Bridge will be completed within the next four years, and has made all the necessary arrangements for construction to become immediately.

Letís evaluate the impact the construction of the second Niger Bridge will have on the 2015 forth coming Elections.

- Securing votes from South Eastern and South South Nigeria: The Niger Bridge is the major connecting route that connects People from the Eastern part of the Country to the West and other parts of Nigeria, and by constructing the bridge, the Present Government solved a huge Problem of transportation For the Easterners who are mostly into commercial activities and production. The construction will not only warm their hearts towards the Present government, but will secure support from them during the upcoming elections.

- Consolidate PDP power in South Eastern Nigeria: The construction was flagged off by a PDP president and it is the first political party to support a second Niger Bridge which the region has been clamoring for yeas. The implication is that during the time of elections, the Second Niger Bridge will still be under construction, so the people will most likely vote for a PDP government to as they are not guaranteed that a new government when voted in will complete the Construction of the Second Bridge.

- Advantage During Campaign: During the election period, People Veering for elective positions will not only present the Manifestos of things they intend to achieve if they are voted into office, but they will also present some things they have done in the past to support the growth of this Country. It serves as an added advantage, if they can show the Masses what they have done prior to election, by this People can vote for them knowing that they will do more once they are in are in the position to do so. The Present Government can point out the ongoing Construction of the Second Niger Bridge as part of its achievements, and this will invariably secure Him more supports from People from other Zones and States.

From all indications, it shows that the construction of the Second Nigeria Bridge will favour the Present Government and the PDP as far as South Eastern and South Southern Nigeria is concerned.

These are they various ways in which the construction of the second Niger Bridge will affect the upcoming national elections come 2015.

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